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juuku does it again with dreamy electric single 'Alive Again'

juuku has done nothing short of amazing things in the electronic world, with his cinematic dreamscape songs that are beyond transcendent. He has a sound that is his and his alone, and his latest release is a song that actually helped him get out of a bad situation personally.

this song was the first song i made after going through crippling anxiety and depression late last year. I felt so numb to things and felt like a shell of myself during that time, but there was this one glimmer of hope that I could never describe pulling me back into who i felt I lost. Alive again reminds me that no matter how long you think you've left something, there is a glimmer of hope deep inside - waiting to be awakened again

In a time os struggle, juuku himself used his own talents and music to help get him out of the dark, and there's nothing more pertinent and real than that. 'Alive Again' feels like a release from this anonymous star, and it is another piece of ambient and minimalist electronica that blends the continuous combination of chimes and strings. Followers of juuku will continue to love this release, among the many more he will put out this year.

Listen to 'Alive Again' in full now:


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