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Kaelin Ellis releases stunning 'REMNANTS' EP

Orlando Lo-fi and experimental artist, producer and songwriter Kaelin Ellis is certainly making waves in the world of electronica. His music seems to take euphoric twists and turns at every instance, transpiring into a whole other world sonically and taking you on a journey you won't forget for a long time. He has just releases his latest EP 'REMNANTS' which prescribes as a constant showcase and reminder of Kaelin's undying and relentless craft.

The lead single 'UH, UH' is an ever moving and blending of emotions and samples, taken from different elements captured along the way. Think of Fred again.. but more hard-hitting and consciously aware of it's surroundings. He effortlessly combines all of these different sounds and somehow creates a piece of music that mesmerises the mind in all ways, shapes and forms.

Kaelin also recently took part in the world renowned Tiny Desk (Home) Concert, collaborating with three other like minded producers to create something unique, special and in it's own lane sonically once again.


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