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Karenin captivate on their beautiful debut EP 'Ornithology'

Photo: Adam Hayward

When they first emerged back in 2020 with their initial efforts 'Gravel', 'Slow Dance', and 'Ripple', London and Bristol's Karenin were setting themselves up as two of the more inventive names to emerge that year. Comprised of producer Holst (Black Pixels) and multi-instrumentalist Cannington Brook (Ead Wood), the pair spent the last three years cultivating their next move as they return with their long-awaited debut EP 'Ornithology'.

From the very beginning of this new four-track collection, it is clear that these two are looking to stand out from standards conventions. With a rousing folk-inspired core that branches out into post-rock, electronica and even midwest emo throughout, 'Ornithology' is a beautifully composed and structured release that looks to pull all the varied elements of their diverse influences to date.

While they describe this release as "Mogwai and American Football remixed by Four Tet and Jockstrap", there remains something far less definable sitting at the heart of 'Ornithology'. With each track pursuing its own unique direction and intention, Karenin sound like a group on the cusp of something truly original here. Brimming with a wild and untethered approach to their sound, they are definitely ones to enjoy on a hot summer's night as well.

Enjoy 'Ornithology' below.



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