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  • Ellie McGuire

Keith Aaron Presents New Single 'Lovestruck'

Singer-songwriter and producer Keith Aaron is ecstatic with the release of his brand-new single ‘Lovestruck’.

The dark fusion of R&B in ‘Lovestruck’ adds to the story about going through a breakup and realising that you were so infatuated with a person that you lost yourself in the relationship. To Keith Aaron, it means looking at yourself in the mirror and being completely honest and vulnerable to yourself. It means accepting the facts.

The R&B song demonstrates his enduring passion for music and his unparalleled ability to combine powerful lyrics with alluring sounds. Bass, drums, voices, pads, bass, arpeggiators, synths, and keys are all mixed together in this track. It's a somber song that features a standout production and captivating vocals by Keith Aaron.

Speaking on the single, Keith Aaron shares, “I had recently gone through a breakup and realised that toward the end of the relationship, I wasn't myself anymore. I had lost myself while I was giving my love to someone else. I felt like I was being controlled to think for myself, almost manipulated in a way. There were a lot of things that I needed to say and I had to lay it all out on this song.”

As a rising talent in the music industry, Keith Aaron is still making his imprint. He is well known for his excellent productions, his ever-expanding creative talents, and his general love of music, all of which influence his compositions.


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