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  • FLEX Staff

KEVV Releases 'Don't Slow Down'

Toronto based artist Kevv is one of the newest artists to join Canada’s boastful roster of musical talent and he has made his return with the release of late-night anthem “Don’t Slow Down”.

“Don’t Slow Down” is a racy number in the form of a downtempo beat and seductive vocals. The R&B melodies in pairing with Kevv’s seductive vocal stylings create a tantalizing soundscape that leaves the listeners mind to run adrift as the song infects the senses. The song embodies old school R&B with a new school attitude, contrasting styles that work in harmony to produce a sultry number.

Kevv is becoming a prominent member of Toronto’s music scene, a scene that boasts artists such as The Weeknd and Drake. Walking amongst such musical giants does not phase Kevv and he has carved out his own sector of the scene with his personal brand of late-night music. Hailing from a Caribbean background Kevin Damwar takes inspiration from the soulful music ingrained in his heritage and channels it through his music.

At just 24, the world appears to be his oyster as he storms the industry, having already established himself in Canada he is ready to take on the world.



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