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Kid Mammoth introduces himself with his swaggering debut EP 'Past, Present, Future'

Photo: B. Triffon

It is very rare these days that an artist chooses to drop a full EP before any other singles, but it is clear from the very start that Kid Mammoth is not just any artist. After spending much of these last few months growing his sound, he now delivers his debut collection 'Past, Present, Future', a release oozing with vibrant swagger.

Dabbling in a mix of bluesy grooves and an indie-rock aesthetics, his newest outing sees him explode onto the scene with gusto and finesse at every turn. With a wonderfully inventive direction that takes the classic sound of old school rock and reinvents it for a modern ear, 'Past, Present, Future' is possibly the most perfect introduction any name has given us all year.

While it is obvious that Kid Mammoth has the quality and songwriting prowess to go the distance, 'Past, Present, Future' sits as a firm introduction to what he can do. His journey may just have begun but he already feels like a name we are going to be hearing a lot more from in the years ahead as well.

Enjoy 'Past, Present, Future' below.

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