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Kimber release infectious new single ‘House In The Sky’

Kimber are no strangers to crafting signature and irresistible music, this is showcased by their warm reception they’ve got from the industry from their previous singles. Whilst we can’t share the secrets on what makes their music so good with you, we can tell you that they’re DIY-advocates. Their north, working-class roots, combined with their love for mixing, engineering and producing, means that their music is like nothing else out there.

Their latest release ‘House In The Sky’ levels their musicianship up even further - this allows us to see a more potent and defined sound whilst retaining the vibrancy from their previous singles. ‘House In The Sky’ features a swirling pot of melodies played by synths that provides the glue for the track. Underneath, groovy drums create an irresistible rhythm and pair up nicely with a baseline. On top, a vocal line is set to entice you, with lyrics that paint a clear picture of a topic that most people can relate to - growing older.

Speaking further about this, the duo reveal: “House In The Sky is about our relationship with toxic nostalgia. We carry the good memories with us and often bend them into even greater memories, leaving us wishful for the past. But as you grow older, I think you realise that it won’t be long before what you do now will also soon be craved, so you might as well try and enjoy what’s going on around you and spend less time wishing for your early 20’s.”

Kimber are on the verge of releasing their E.P. With a signature and defined sound, we can’t wait to hear what’s next for them.

This debut EP ‘Slow Moon, Long Night’- due for physical release November 18th via Safe Suburban Home Records.



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