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Kru and Sofia Silvestri take on emotional ballad in ‘For You I Would’

Singer-songwriter Kru and esteemed pianist Sofia Silvestri have come together to collaborate on the emotional new single ‘For You I Would’. The moving, poignant chords that lie beneath Kru’s soaring vocal performance play into her impassioned delivery, allowing her to float through sentimental melodies and cry out into the soundscape where necessary.

Kru adds, "I really wanted to maintain the fact that this project has been written, produced, and performed by women. Bringing Sofia onto the project fulfilled that for me. Having written with her in the past and seen the way she plays the piano made me think she’d be perfect for the vibe for this song.

This song is about when you fall so in love with a person, all doubts, caution, and worries get thrown out. They are your everything. And all you can do is intensely profess that love while yearning for the same in return."

With Sofia going on to say, “It’s been such an honor to take part in the making of this record! Kru’s raw, piercing vocals elevate this record to a whole new level.”

Kru is a Mumbai-born, California-raised Pop & R&B vocalist. Classically trained in opera and the traditional Indian dance of Bharathanatyam, she allows herself to be influenced by all aspects of her creative development. Now, the artist has a second EP on the horizon, following up the successful project ‘Pilot’ released late last year.



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