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leo. releases the mellow new single ‘irreplaceable you’

Originally from Portugal, the now UK based singer-songwriter leo. has built an impressive fanbase that feels deeply connected to the artist and the music her releases. leo. emerged from rigorous classical training with a goal to find his own sound, recording music from his bedroom at home. His single ‘Despair’ saw him rocket into the spotlight, subsequent projects building on this as he grew and grew.

The latest track from leo., and the last single ahead of his upcoming album ‘a new one’, is ‘irreplaceable you’. leo. starts off with a bouncy piano that instantly laces you with feelings of nostalgia as it outlines the chords and feeds into the pretty transitions from section to section. The piano is joined by drums and bass that, once they enter, stay slow and gentle, plodding along and causing you to sway in your chair as you are drawn further in.

leo.’s vocals are, as always, laced in expansive harmony, that builds and builds to create a rich soundscape that backs up the catchy bittersweet lead vocal that entices as it floats along the melody.

leo. explains, “‘irreplaceable you’ is about accepting the idea that love can be a good thing, no matter how much you were hurt in the past. It’s the last single I’m releasing from my debut album ‘a new one’ and I feel like it really encapsulates what the album represents for me. Much like the album is a journey through very complicated feelings, the song itself is also a journey through realising I was irreplaceable. I wrote the first half of it a couple months apart from when I finished it, and I guess I grew and learnt a lot in those couple months. The result was one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written, and Ed Allen’s production (and piano playing!) elevated it to a final version I’m so so proud of.”



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