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Let's Catch Up With Nic Howell

Florida-based singer-songwriter Nic Howell has a talent for blending a powerful narrative, alongside addictive guitar riffs, powerful vocals and an eclectic array of alt-pop soundscapes. Through both his hard-hitting music and honest lyricism, he draws on engaging and universal themes of love, belonging, and life as a teenager. And with his new single Stop Overthinking, he showcases a new element to his ever evolving sound and artistry.

With strong nods to sixties and seventies disco-pop, Stop Overthinking is a glimmering disco infused alt-pop track that delves into the topic of trying to navigate a complicated relationship and wishing you could stop overthinking everything.

So with the new single out now, we sat down with Nic to find out more about the new release and what he has planned next.

What artist has most influenced you sonically? I really feel inspired by the sonics and production of The 1975. Matty and George really inspire me as an artist but they also motivate me to continually up my songwriting and production game.

Do you remember the first album you bought?

Well albums were kinda outdated when I came of age but…. I actually bought my first LP, American Teen, at Urban Outfitters here in the US a while back when my older brother gave a record player for Christmas. I keep the record player and the LPs in my studio as an inspirational piece. I love listening to them, it really feels like a different listening experience.

Who is your all time favorite artist?

Michael Jackson

What artist would you like to play a show with?

The 1975

What other young artists do you aspire to be like?

Billie Eilish

What is your go to feel-good track?

Roadkill by The 1975 definitely feels good.

Do you have a comfort artist/album/track?

I love being in nature, particularly the mountains (Montana) and on the water (in the Caribbean).. John Mayer always fits the bill when I’m reflecting in the mountains or on the water. Definitely a comfort vibe.

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