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Lexxicon releases his most unique body of work yet in 'Tropicon Islands'

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Our favourite afropop artist is back, and Lexxicon has finally released his highly anticipated new album 'Tropicon Islands' and it has NOT disappointed. Tuning into his vibrant culture and upbringing, he has constantly implemented his homegrown Jamaican roots into his music, and this is exactly what this album is; an exploration of his journey so far and delves into the spirit that embodies this whole collection of tracks.

An example of this being the first track, 'Private Island' with the introduction being an announcement from the cabin crew sampled as if you're about to take flight to an exotic location far far away, and in this case, taking you into Lexxicon's world. 'Back To You' is a highlight with it's catchy, hook-ridden melodies from the now Toronto based artist. 'Oh Nana' really makes you feel like you're right there on the beach, dancing with the island natives looking out on the sea and sunset ahead.

'Bubble Everywhere' is a stand out, with a more hypnotic and darker twist to his usual highly uplifting sonics, but it suits the narrative on this one as Lexxicon really comes to the fore and reflects himself upon the great Sean Paul in this particular number, in what is an addictive, afropop track that will get you moving and grooving without a second's hesitation.

'Power Over Me' is another classic from this highly energetic and transcendent body of work, and it will certainly keep you on your toes as the mood switches go from slow, romantic ballads to epic, more dance intwined tunes - and everything in between. We implore to discover and listen to this innovative artist, and can assure you that it'll be worth your while in what is Lexxicon's best work yet.

Listen to Tropicon Islands in full here:

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