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  • Becca Fergus

Lhēon shares new music video for 'Pretend'

Tackling the topic of a hot and cold relationship, Swedish singer-songwriter Lhēon is bewitching on her newest release ‘Pretend’, with a corresponding video to match.

As the track weaves influences of neo-soul, jazz and R&B together, the video immerses into the same rhythm, using the backdrop of 1980’s Los Angeles to evoke the feelings of sun-soaked romance. Using a rich colour palette, Lhēon commands attention amidst tones of red and green, which reflect both the fiery heat and eventual calm of the on and off love story. The video also features a lover, who the Melbourne-based artist can be seen pulling away from, yet also unable to keep her hands off. Licks of smooth brass lines, with a flugal horn solo from Lachlan Davidson, and slick, steady percussion allow her mesmerising vocals to take centre stage, as she explores the “many delicate shades of fragility in an interpersonal romantic affair”.

Having established herself as an artist who is brutally honest and unafraid of the taboo, Lhēon orchestrates her songs with wisdom and spunk. Her previous tracks, such as ‘lay low’ and ‘equite’, were received brilliantly for their sincerity and soulful melodies, showcasing her ability to take difficult experiences and turn them into exquisite pieces of music.

An exhilarating newcomer on the scene, Lhēon looks set to have a promising year ahead of her.

Watch the video for 'Pretend' here:

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