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Liam Vincent and The Odd Foxes release exciting folk rock single ‘Watching You’

Liam Vincent and The Odd Foxes manage to tackle important issues and create a powerful message all within a folk rock song.

Liam Vincent and The Odd Foxes aren't your usual contemporary indie-rock outfit. With different members' origins ranging from punk rock to professional violinists, these experiences have influenced their sound to create something very unique. Their latest offering comes in the form of single 'Watching You,' an infectious folk rock song.

Taking to us about the release the band say: ""Watching You" is a fast and furious tune that shines a spotlight on everything that powerful people would prefer to hide from us. Political sleaze, the erosion of the free press and the right to protest come under fire in the lyrics and accompanying video. Without taking itself too seriously, the track chimes with our philosophy of fighting for what we believe in - although we are just as happy for people to dance to it because it's a good song as because of the message. Features 'rage violin'."

The band comprise of Liam Stuchbury (guitar, lead vocals), Rebecca Mileham (violin, vocals), Gregg Cave (electric guitar, vocals), Matt Berry (bass, vocals), and Paul Disley (drums). Their different influences all play a part in the unique sound of the Odd Foxes. Shared principles are apparent within their music and shine through always.



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