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Lili Joy captivates on the stirring new single 'D.W.Y.C.T.'

Ever since she first emerged with her riveting debut single 'Float' in 2019, LA-based artist Lili Joy has been on a stellar rise through the ranks. As a previous contestant on the US version of The Voice, she gained some key expert knowledge in how to progress and grow as an artist, resulting in some brilliantly adventurous outings over the years. Now she is back for 2023 to deliver her sweeping new single 'D.W.Y.C.T.'

Capturing a wonderfully warm and immersive atmosphere that perfectly reflects her own shimmering vocal performance, 'D.W.Y.C.T.' sees her unveil one of her most compassionate and alluring efforts to date. With its warm and sombre basslines that build and swell throughout, she continues to make light work on its driven sound and dynamic production from beginning to end.

Given her run of rousing delights in recent years, it is no surprise that 'D.W.Y.C.T.' sounds as good as it does. There is this effortless flow running through her voice that not only adds to the levity within the track, but also has this calming effect, culminating in a beautifully smooth and enjoyable listen.

Listen to 'D.W.Y.C.T.' below.



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