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Linuss captivates on the dreamy new single 'Passcode'

Photo: Sheldon Botler

Ever since he first emerged with his debut single 'Test Flight' at the end of last year, emerging LA-based artist Linuss has been on a rampant run establishing his sound. With a flurry of rich and enigmatic delights landing in the months since, he is quickly earning a strong reputation for vibrant offerings, culminating in his latest delight 'Passcode'.

Continuing to venture down a path brimming with woozy textures and shimmering atmospheres, 'Passcode' makes for an incredibly rich and immersive listening experience. With its bubbling dream-pop energy, blended effortlessly with a powerful production from start to finish, he looks set to become one of the more talked about names on the rise right now.

Speaking about the new track, he said, “This song was inspired first by surfy guitars like you hear from Peach Pit – especially on "Tommy's Party" – and Mac Demarco, but also by the deep grooves you get from RnB music. I think I was also listening to a lot of Daniel Caesar and Sabrina Claudio at the time. From the guitar part, the vocal melodies started popping out, and the lyrics just happened subconsciously, as they usually do for me.”

While his influences may be worn firmly on his sleeve, 'Passcode' still manages to find a new and distinctive direction in which to call its own. Coming off the back of such a prolific period is never an easy task, but Linuss is clearly a name with plenty of innovative ideas just waiting to be explored.

Enjoy 'Passcode' below.

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