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Lisa Canny drops new single 'Snakeskin'

Shedding negativity is something that jumps to the fore in Lisa Canny's newest offering 'Snakeskin', which proves to be a must-listen with real intent. For fans of Maggie Rogers and Florence + The Machine, Lisa is a no-nonsense pop icon hailing from Ireland who uses traditional instrumentation to craft commercial bangers.

“Snakeskin is about me finding out, minutes before going live for a TV performance that my boyfriend at the time was cheating on me. The situation at hand forced me to make a quick decision. Either I could fall apart and let it ruin my day or I could just immediately forget him - shedding his BS and all the hurt he caused and moving on in my shiny new skin. Needless to say, I chose the latter, smashed my performance, felt empowered af and got this song out of the whole fiasco. Winning!”

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