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  • Ellie McGuire

Lohrasp Kansara Shares His Re-Imagination of Aly-Us' Hit 'Follow Me' Featuring Norman Alexander

World-renowned DJ, producer, and actor Lohrasp Kansara imprints his heart and soul into his music. With his latest offering of ‘Follow Me’, a reboot of Aly-Us’ 1992 classic house single, (re)released under the Wh0 Plays label, he features a revamped beautiful bassline and emotive piano melody that honors the original.

‘Follow Me’ features vocals from singer-songwriter Norman Alexander. The collaboration showcases an inspiring vibe as both acts take the listener on a musical journey. It has a rhythm that will make anyone fall in love, whether it is for the first time or all over again. It has been injected with nostalgic energy and a modern twist.

Overall, the re-imagining of this particular track has paid off. The emotional, upbeat, and dance balance alongside the vocals makes this offering immaculate from both Lohrasp Kansara and Norman Alexander.

Speaking about the single, Lohrasp Kansara explains, “It's literally indescribable because this song connects with me on so many levels. Since a young age growing up with my American family while far away from my birth mother, this song was a classic staple. Once I began making my own music I always knew I wanted to remake ‘Follow Me’ but I had to do it proper justice; four years and eight versions later I'm in tears of joy listening to what Norman and I were able to create together.”

Speaking about the single, Norman Alexander comments, “‘Follow Me’ is timeless, it’s both fun and hopeful. It’s a call to unite.”

Be sure to check out, 'Follow Me':


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