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London Pop Artist Andrei Lucas Shares New Single 'London Baby'

Electro-Pop newcomer Andrei Lucas returns with his new single 'London Baby', a single released alongside his debut EP 'Paradise Passé'. The now London-based songwriter and producer takes inspiration from his multicultural background having grown up in Romania before learning English in Canada in his early teens. A constant source of musical inspiration, his background allows him to draw upon his many influences and give his music a distinctive and original sound.

The new single ‘London Baby’, a love letter to Andrei’s favourite city brings together a driving 4 to the floor beat, bright airy synths and a quacking 80’s-esque bassline to create a danceable pop soundscape under Andrei’s breathy, melancholic vocals.

Speaking on the new single Andrei said:

“London baby stands for inclusivity in a city that is built on diversity and dreams that find a way towards reality.

The song was recorded during the first quarantine throughout the pandemic. I wrote the song melody and lyrics before the pandemic happened. I felt that this can be a London anthem for young people striving for success. The track was initially in a demo stage in 2019, but after putting together several ideas with London producer Andrei Sora, we eventually nailed the version of the track that we desired.”

The new EP ‘Paradise Passé’ documents Andrei’s breathtaking journey: immigrating from a post communist culture to a western world, going through chemotherapy for stage 4 cancer, the subsequent mental health struggles and finding light at the end of the tunnel and learning to enjoy the simple things in life. Across the EP’s severn tracks, Andrei demonstrates his defiance to continue his art through sincere and emotional songwriting and relatable, catchy pop music.

Speaking on the EP and the journey he has undergone during the buildup Andrei said:

"This EP has documented my youth facing the reality of leaving home, dealing with cancer, rebuilding my mental health and finding light at the end of it all in a city that feels like a rollercoaster."

Having previously gained radio play across the US before taking a break from music to recover, the new EP see’s Andrei once again establish himself as an exciting new talent to watch in 2021. Accompanied by a series of videos for four singles taken from the new EP, ‘London Baby’ and the ‘Paradise Passe’ EP are both out now. Watch the video for London Baby below:

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