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London R&B Newcomer Alana Sukul Returns With New Bop 'Good to you'

Vibrant, beat heavy and yet tender and personal, Alana Sukul's new single 'Good to you' is a masterclass in contrasting big beats with delicate vocals. The West Londoner blends her R&B sensibilities with an undertone of dancehall to create a track which is truly multifaceted, fitting for both a Saturday night pre-drinks and Sunday afternoon chill.

Speaking about the main motivating behind ‘Good To You’, Alana Sukul shares:

“Sometimes as young adults we try to live up to certain standards and pressure, this is just a reminder to live your life the way you want to.”

A heartfelt reminder to cut yourself some slack and to not crumble under the pressure, the tracks message shines through under it's R&B Pop exterior. 'Good To You' is just the latest example of this exciting Londoners prospects as an artist, expect more over the coming months.

Listen below:



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