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Lonely Boy Demonstrates Stunning Vocals & Emotional Writing On The New 'Lonely Ppl Vol. 1' EP

Canadian R&B up and comer Lonely Boy is described as an 'equal parts hopeless and hopeful romantic who openly shares his personal experiences and emotions'. This approach on the new three tack EP 'Lonely Ppl Vol.1' is highly effective, allowing the solo artist to demonstrate his impeccable vocal talents whilst across tracks which are packed with emotion and atmospheric depth. The first of a three part project, the EP gives an insight into the artists ability as both a writer and a performer.

Opening with the vibey, intense 'October' which nods to classic R&B, the EP then moves dreamily into the ballad ‘Only One Night’. Both tracks capture an element of Ne-Yo whilst also nodding to some of the more experimental production techniques found in Frank Ocean. Closing with the upbeat ‘Sussex Drive’, Lonely Boy demonstrates an exciting element to his music which would surely reflect well in a live performance.

Talking about the project Lonely Boy shares:

"Everyone gets their heart broken sometimes, Lonely People is my personal journey filled with trials and tribulations and the authentic vulnerable human experience that comes with heartbreak, healing and moving on. I'm very proud to share this personal gift from me to you, and I hope you love it just as much as I loved creating it."

Reminiscent of early 2000's R&B, the EP is a masterclass in demonstrating genuine emotion across R&B tracks which are both atmospheric and intense whilst also possessing unescapable catchy vocal lines. Listen below:

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