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  • Alice Smith

Lonely Leonard Releases 'BLOCKBUSTER'

Lonely Leonard's new release, ‘BLOCKBUSTER’, is a compelling mix of hip-hop and electronic elements, proving the rapper's versatility and raw talent. The album, highlighted by the focus track "I Did It", showcases impeccable production quality and a seamless flow of electronic beats, creating an engaging listening experience. Lonely Leonard sure did it with this album!

Leonard’s journey from a high-profile porn director to a hip-hop artist is vividly narrated through his music. His unconventional experiences shape the album’s themes of self-exploitation and the pursuit of fame. The sound of ‘BLOCKBUSTER’ is an intricate fusion of genres, melding the hard-hitting elements of drill with the pulsating rhythms of EDM and the infectious grooves of jersey club music. This combination creates a unique auditory experience that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish.

In the short term I want to make them fucking recognize. In the long term I want to give people the energy to dream.” he boldly says – and he does just that by giving the world a taste of his talent through this first album.

In addition to its musical prowess, ‘BLOCKBUSTER’ is also a vehicle for social impact. A portion of the album's merchandise sales will support the AZ Access to Abortion Fund, highlighting Leonard's commitment to important causes. So make sure you order some merch and support the cause here.



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