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Love Ghost captures a lovelorn direction on new single 'Jealousy'

Over the last few years, LA-based outfit Love Ghost have been at the forefront of the emotionally-charged alt-rock scene. With a flurry of rich and diverse offerings under their belt already, many of which racking up millions of streams each, they are now looking to continue their upward ascent as they deliver the powerful new offering 'Jealousy'.

Bringing in a hard and explosive aesthetic that matches perfectly with frontman Finnegan Bell's heartfelt vocal performance, 'Jealousy' comes firing out of a cannon like a juggernaut of raw emotion. Keeping the broad and anthemic appeal growing throughout, it finalises with a thunderous outro that perfectly cements this as one of their most passionate releases to date.

Adding about the inspiration behind 'Jealousy', Finnegan said, “I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve, and being this passionate can hurt at times. I can be a people pleaser for people that don’t care as much about me, and I’m trying to get out of that unhealthy habit. I had recently been betrayed and a lot of old insecurities and PTSD was brought up because of that. I wrote the song “Jealousy” to one, just cope with what I was going through but also allow people to feel like they weren’t alone with what they’re going through. A lot of people have experienced similar things to what I went through like loneliness, rejection and being lied too. I hope this song acts as a mental bandage for them in some way.”

Having only just turned out their highly-praised studio album 'Dark Phoenix' earlier this year, 'Jealousy' shows that they are still very much at the top of their game creatively. Rarely a moment goes by without us feeling the full force of heartfelt drive this single has to offer, creating a brilliantly captivating listen throughout.



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