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Love Ghost continues to impress on new single 'Snap'

It already feels like there is absolutely no stopping the thunderous ascent of Love Ghost right now. Having already churned out dozens of highly-impactful offerings in the last year or so, the LA-based artist is back once again to deliver his pulsing new single 'Snap'.

This time teaming up with Mexican artist Chzter for the new outing, this new release marks another vital step forward in his progressive direction to date. With its dark and immersive atmosphere perfectly complimenting the dual vocals layered throughout, 'Snap' is another shining example of why so many have been singing his praises lately.

Usually when an artist is this prolific, you can usually expect the odd duff track here and there. But in the case of Love Ghost, he is pumping out one impressive anthem after another right now. With a fresh and adventurous approach to his sound, 'Snap' is definitely one to play loud on the biggest speakers you can find.

Enjoy 'Snap' below.



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