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Luchi releases passionate single ‘You’ll Hurt More’

Luchi grew up in Glasgow surrounded by his Italian family, learning the life lessons of resilience that it takes to succeed in the music industry. His hard work ethic saw him start to write songs at 13 and visit studios at 16. Next up came his 2017 debut single ‘Don’t Look Back’ which peaked at No.9 on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts. ‘Coming Home’ hit No.2 and since then, he has had a further 12 singles crack the top 10.

Bringing a glittery and confident new attitude to his hard-hitting, evocative anthems, Luchi has recently released a new single entitled ‘You’ll Hurt More’. Despite the song being about a break-up, the track is highly optimistic, the protagonist is assured in himself, which is a fresh and exciting angle for this kind of track. A chugging guitar line and gorgeous piano chords back up the spacey percussion in the verses. Glamorous synthesisers make an appearance as a catchy counter-melody. We build up into Luchi’s signature layering of vocal harmony that creates a rich sonic space and shows off his impressive singing talents.

Luchi explains further:

“This single is a bit different to what I’ve released recently. It’s upbeat, fun and sassy. I wanted to show that I am multi-layered as a writer and artist and it’s not all vulnerable sad songs. When I wrote this song, it was just me and I was actually writing it with another artist in mind but I just loved the vibe of it so much I wanted to keep it for myself. It started as quite vulnerable as I wrote it just with an acoustic guitar accompanying but when we came to production, I said to my producer Chris that I wanted to make it into an anthem.

I wrote the song about a relationship that I was in that came to an end a few years ago and when we broke up, I was really heartbroken, even though it was my decision to walk away from it, as he was a narcissist and very toxic in my life. We had been having the same arguments over and over and he always tried to gaslight me with some excuse until I just said


When I did the undercover ex stalk on social media, he was out living his “best life” and I was like, you’ll see, I might be broken now but one day, you’ll be the one who realises what you lost and that is exactly what happened. He slid into my DMs not long ago and I thought to myself… I knew you’d come crawling back one day but I’ve moved on in my life and don’t believe in going backwards.

I want to empower people who are heartbroken as breakups can be really hard emotionally and I want people to know that you will be ok in the end. You’ll smile again, the sun will rise again and sometimes the biggest prize is that you got away. You get the chance to be happy as you wouldn’t have achieved that while still in the relationship.”



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