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Lukx channels a smooth groove on new single 'Rotation'

Ever since he first emerged back in 2019, Belgian artist Lukx has been on an extremely prolific streak. Releasing new music almost every other month, he has quickly built up a strong and dynamic repertoire, brimming with fresh ideas. Now he returns once again to deliver his groove-filled new outing 'Rotation'.

Stepping away from his normally R&B-inspired aesthetic, 'Rotation' adds a soulful disco-era take to his sound. With his distinctive flow remaining as consistent as ever throughout this new delight, he is spreading his creative wings even further here and showing his eclectic approach to his direction once again.

While there has been little to stop his ever-evolving style these last few years, 'Rotation' certainly sits as one of his most ambitious offerings to date. We rarely get to hear an artist with this much versatility on the new music scene, but when comes along, it feels very special to spot it before it blows up.

Enjoy 'Rotation' below.



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