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Lydia Shae releases dazzling debut album ‘Decade Diaries’

Equipped with a new band, Lydia Shae has made a glowing debut in releasing music. With music supported by the guitar skills of Josh Belcher, drummer Zach Sabatelli and bassist Andrew Baughman, Lydia’s new music takes listeners on a journey of sunny folk sounds, laced with an ignition of light overdrive within the golden tones.

Though she’s performed live across the Midwest for over a decade, her debut album ‘Decade Diaries’ is her first outing into the recorded space, welcoming listeners into her unique sound with thirteen tracks. Despite its clear folk core and Lydia’s roots in bluegrass and pop, the project is gently saturated with elements of worldwide traditional music and classic rock, adding a further layer of energy into each of the tracks and making for much broader and more intricate arrangements.

From moment to moment, Lydia is able to encapsulate her lyricism in her vocal tone, echoing the emotions of each line with the way in which she delivers them. With the artist so early into her recorded career, it’s certainly excited where she might take her dazzling sound next.

Lydia shares, "Decade Diaries is an album that compresses a coming-of-age era of autobiographical writing. From finding love, experiencing loss, and discovering yourself, it's all in there."



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