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Lyle Larue drops single 'Won't Come Back Ft. Ashenelle'

Lyle Larue is a versatile producer whose newest record ‘Won’t Come Back’ is a compelling RnB listen with roots in pop subgenres. Hooky guitar lines wrap around warm synth lines and grooving mid-tempo percussion, whilst Ashenelle’s enchanting feature vocal is drenched in pools of glowing reverb.

Discussing the release Lyle Larue explains:

"I wrote “Won’t Come Back” while staying a couple weeks at a friends house in Shanghai, China. There was a one minute demo on my computer that I knew I needed to finish. I don’t know if it was the jet lag or the water in my coffee, but I sat down and the song finished itself in 2 hours. I had my friend (Ashenelle) listen to the rough and she seemed to enjoy the track so a few hours later we had finished lyrics and tracked vocals. Her voice added the final texture the song needed. It’s basically a musical collage of all my favorite songs. I have artists like Alina Baraz and Solange on repeat, so it felt right to begin this project with sultry R&B. After spending many years creating the musical worlds for other people I feel like this song has started to build mine.”

Listen to the single below:

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