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Madison releases new irresistible single "NightShade"

Rising Australian artist Madison has a unique and signature sound which showcases her enchantingly powerful voice and irresistible melodies. It's clear to see that she's already on the rise, from recording and creating in her small home studio to traveling the world and working in creatives cities such as LA, London, Amsterdam and Stockholm.

Her latest single 'NightShade' further showcases this improvement. An irresistible offering, 'NightShade' will be sure to get you up and dancing. Synths create a heartwarming melting pot of melodies, whilst an infectious drum and bass groove lie below. On top, divine vocals are tinged with pop-sensibilities.

Speaking about the release, she says: "The story behind ‘Nightshade’ is simply about being played, & explores the emotional aftermath you go through in realizing the kind of toxic person you exposed your heart to. I’d like for this song to be a kind of therapeutic anthem for listeners who have been through similar experiences in their lives; voicing the hurt, anger & betrayal. We’re working through the feels and turning it into liberation."

Maddison wears her influences proudly on her sleeve, and in her music you can hear everything from inspiration from 80's rock anthems, Lady Gaga's art pop, the melodic impact of Sia & Coldplay, & the sonic stylings of Bastille & Florence + The Machine. With so many accolades received already, and with such a distinct sound, we can see her reaching the top.



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