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Multi-instrumentalist, singer, and Electronic musician ADLR has dropped his latest EP ‘Very Sophisticated’. mixed, produced and mastered by ADLR, the dynamic four-track EP spans genres, focusing on French House, NU-Disco and Indietronica. We caught up with ADLR to discuss his latest EP.

Hi ADLR, how have you been?

Good! Unwinding from a busy 2021 and spending some time with friends and family.

For our readers who may not have heard of ADLR before, could you tell us a little bit about your sound and style?

I've been playing the guitar since I was very young, and as I got more into music production over time I became really interested in well-produced house music that includes lots of live instrument elements. My sound is always funky but varies across the indie/electronica and house spectrum for any given track. I use my guitar playing to sort of glue all the tracks together, even when they vary in style.

How are you feeling now that your new EP 'Very Sophisticated' is out in the world? Is the initial reaction everything you hoped it’d be?

It feels good! I didn't have any expectations, really. I just wanted to introduce some of my vocals before stepping back and releasing some more house-inspired music and collaborations with other singers in the new year. The EP felt like a good place to land on for that. That being said it's awesome to get positive feedback from outlets and listeners, new and old.

Can you tell us what sounds and themes to expect from the EP?

I used a lot of darker melodies and synth sounds compared to my usual style. A lot of it's inspired by some of the melodic techno I've heard around where I live in Brooklyn. It was a challenge to use those elements while keeping the tracks light and funky, but I think that came across.

What do you like best about your latest EP?

I'm happy that I was able to introduce some new elements into my catalog, sonically speaking. It gives me the confidence to take more risks in the future and that's really valuable.

Please tell us a bit about your creative process when it comes to songwriting.

My songs almost always start with a bassline. After I'm happy with one I'll just jam over a beat until I have enough ideas laid out to choose a direction melodically. I show a lot of that process on my Instagram with quick videos. As far as my lyrics I really don't overthink it too much. The first couple lines usually pop into my head with whatever sounds good with the music, and then I'll write from there about whatever is bothering me.

We hear your live shows are quite unique, can you tell us a little about them?

I'm really excited about the potential of my live shows. I bring my guitar, bass, and keyboard on stage, and build up my tracks mostly from scratch with lots of improvisation along the way. I want to get people moving like a traditional DJ set would, but with more emphasis on instrumentation. I grew up listening to jam bands like phish and the dead. No two performances of theirs sounded the same, and I want that to come across with my performances as an electronic artist.

Lastly, what can fans expect from you next?

Consistency. Lots of live shows and new music. I'm filming a live set early in the new year, and I have a ton of recorded music lined up for release. I have a couple of remixes coming out as well, and some funky instrumental tracks that I'm really excited about.


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