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We are happy to introduce you to Princess Superstar as part of our MAJOR FLEX series. Princess Superstar is an American Electronic/Hip-Hop artist that rose to prominence throughout the noughties leading to world tours, chart placements and plenty of interesting stories.

We sat down with Princess Superstar to talk about her latest single and her experiences of being in the music industry.

Hi Princess Superstar how have you been? Awesome! Living in Sunny California by the beach! Loving your latest single ‘Gettin’ Older (Pussy Still Pop!)’ Can you tell us what inspired you to write a song about female sexuality at an older age and why it’s so important? I realized there were no songs about women ageing and it’s sort of taboo almost. I had to break the cycle! The video is packed with 00’ nostalgia, how was the shooting process? So FUN! I especially loved recreating my hit videos for Bad Babysitter and Perfect Exceeder (especially that one since I was never in the video in the first place and actually didn’t approve what Ministry of Sound had done in the original!!) It was a whirlwind of a shoot packing in all the looks. I really liked doing Maniac from Flashdance the best in the rain room, and American Beauty with the rose petals. It was an awesome Director and crew, and the energy was infectious.

You’re best known for your hit “Bad Babysitter.” Looking back, how did the popularity of the track change your life? That song really changed my life, I remember getting the call from the label that I could finally quit my day job, the moment every artist dreams of! It had come after working hard for 5 years putting out records on my own label, touring in a van for $50 a show, etc. Your classic rags to riches story. It was almost like a dream. You’re a well-established act in the UK, can you tell us your first experiences of being in the UK? Actually, the first time I came to the UK was when Jarvis Cocker had me come play his party, which was super cool. He threw a party at Pentonville Prison (without inmates!) and it was a wild show. Beth Orton was in the audience, and I remember cutting my leg open rolling around on the floor while I was performing. We went backstage and the only ice was frozen hot dogs, which she put against my leg. Ahhh fun times! London in the 00’s was the absolute best. The wild parties at Nag Nag Nag and Arthur Baker’s Return to NY parties, playing on Top of the Pops and just all the people I met over there who supported me. I am so grateful to have been a part of that scene and to have been a small part of electro history!

You’ve been away from the music industry for over a decade, what have you been up to and what made you decide now was the right time to come back? I had a kid 10 years ago and music sort of took a back seat. I think I came back because I just had something to say now, so I said it :-) What are the differences in the music industry now from when you first started? It’s night and day. We had no social media, no iPhones really. We had actual cameras, actual videos from clunky video cameras, and we interacted with each other in real-time. There were record stores. I feel sad about that especially. When I first started I used to go into Tower Records in New York City and ask the buyer to put my CD in the store. My section was always next to Prince, which I loved! That stuff is gone now. I do think however it is an interesting time in that you can really launch yourself from anywhere and actually Instagram can be quite fun. What are your future plans? Can we expect more music from you? Hells yeah!! Stay tuned…..

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