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Pop-Metal band Major Moment are known for their intense and cinematic sound that blends heavy guitar riffs, modern production, and melodic vocals.

They are back with their new single ‘Overcome’ which is out now on all platforms. An effortless mix of pop melodies, EDM synths & metal riffs Major Moment’s “Overcome” combines both female and male vocals to create an inspirational new offering.

“‘Overcome’ was inspired by our music journey and is about prevailing over difficult times and persevering against all odds. But if we zoom out and look at our everyday lives, full of conflicts, health issues, losses, financial struggles, aspirations, wins and failures, we see a similar theme everyone can relate to, the one of pain and, as a result of overcoming it, personal growth. ‘Overcome’ is the anthem made for all creators out there struggling to get their voices heard, doubting every day if it’s worth fighting for.” - Vocalist, Sasha.

‘Overcome’ will feature as part of a double single release from Major Moment that also includes their recent single ‘Toxic’. The track was premiered by KNOTFEST, who praised it as "powerful, with atmosphere that is both soaring and crushing". Major Moment’s debut full length album "The Pain That Makes Us Grow", is set for release in late 2023, and is available for pre-order now on CDs and vinyl right HERE.

Watch 'Overcome' right here:

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