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Man With A Corduroy Hat returns with the sweeping new single 'The Joy Of Giving Up'

When Cambridge-based artist Man With A Corduroy Hat released his breakthrough debut single 'The Wailers' earlier this year, a track inspired by the sound of Bob Marley, he was greeted as one of the more exciting names arriving on the scene. And looking to waste no time in capitalising on that initial buzz, he is back once again with his sweeping new effort 'The Joy Of Giving Up'.

Adopting more of that warm and woozy flow that made his first release such a delight, his newest gem is a beautifully conceived slice of dream-pop-inspired gold. Brimming with sweet and immersive textures that perfectly compliment his vibrant vocals at every turn, 'The Joy Of Giving Up' is another wondrous entry in his small yet powerful catalogue so far.

Normally the singer-songwriter arena tends to fill itself up with many artists seeking the same sound, but Man With A Corduroy Hat has already found a distinctive path in which to call his own. With such passion and tenderness within his songwriting, 'The Joy Of Giving Up' is definitely one to stick on when the day begins to wane on you.

Enjoy 'The Joy Of Giving Up' below.

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