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  • FLEX Staff

Manuel Garay unveils electro-pop and R&B fusion 'Ready'

Combining elements of electro-pop and R&B Manuel Garay and Mariami’s new track ‘Ready’ will be going straight on your favourite playlists.

The German producer has yet again impressed us with atmospheric synths and shimmering electronics creating a light, airy soundscape. The track also has a futuristic feel with lightly autotuned, ethereal vocals by the stunning Mariaim. With snapping trap beats the overall track is expertly produced.

Manuel commented on the track said: “This song was written after a digital meetup through 'soundbetter'. Mariami and I actually never met but I discovered her music through 'soundbetter', requested her to work with me and she did (very happy about that). I tried to write something that maintains the current trap vibe along with her angelic vocals. Although the song structure is pop, I think that this song is going towards a new direction.”

We will definitely be keeping an eye on Manuel! Check out the track here:

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