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Martial Simon and Marzville combine spectacularly on classic single "Break My Stride"

In a groundbreaking collaboration, esteemed DJ and producer Martial Simon joins forces with Soca luminary MarzVille to breathe new life into the timeless classic, "Break My Stride" by Matthew Wilder. This reimagined rendition injects the track with a vibrant dose of infectious electronic elements, intertwining upbeat melodies with MarzVille's exceptional vocal finesse.

The fusion of Martial Simon's celebrated vibrant atmosphere and Caribbean rhythms synonymous with MarzVille creates an auditory delight, promising to brighten anyone's day. The single embodies the signature soundscape Martial Simon is renowned for, coupling pop sensibilities with intricately crafted percussion designs, showcasing his artistry and skill in the dance music realm.

A stalwart in the dance music space, Martial Simon's consistent ability to craft tracks that exude expressiveness and intensity has garnered him millions of streams in 2023, solidifying his position as a formidable force in the music industry.

"Break My Stride" stands as an invitation from Martial Simon and MarzVille to embark on a genre-defying journey, seamlessly blending EDM with Soca. This reimagination of a beloved classic brings forth a fresh perspective, intertwining the familiar with the innovative, courtesy of these immensely talented artists, promising a musical experience tailored for a new era. Check it out now.

Stream 'Break My Stride" now:


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