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Martial Simon reimagines another classic track with dance-pop anthem 'MMMBop'

Following on from the success of 'That's The Way It Is', renowned DJ and producer Martial Simon has wasted no time in jumping on another classic song that we all know and love and switch it upside down, in the best way. 'MMMBop' is given a new lease of life and implemented in such a fun way my Simon, starting out with the piano melodies before the vocal comes in, where he has already sonically expanded the track with ease and guile.

The fun-filled dance-pop rhythm then comes in, and it transforms the song into an EDM bop for the summer and beyond, with Martial's colourful and vibrant house dosage making for a brilliant listen. Ready made for those party-fuelled nights in 2023, 'MMMBop' is another fine example of Martial Simon's one of a kind craft, giving songs we never would imagine a dance oriented edge that sticks. Check it out now.

Stream 'MMMBop' in full here:


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