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Martial Simon transcends Celine Dion classic 'That's The Way It Is'

Martial Simon is a dance pop producer who has been making some serious sonic waves over the past 12 months, and his latest release is nothing short of fun-filled and uplifting. Taking on a classic song which most of us may have forgotten about in time, Simon took it upon himself to recondition 'That's The Way It Is' by the mighty Celine Dion, and has done so in style.

Keeping Dion's captivating vocal in throughout, Simon has seamlessly re-mixed this song into a brand new dance-pop genre, with bouncy basslines and dreamy piano progressions. There's build ups, moments of sonic clarity and most of all, a catchy drop that will reignite the excellence that this song still represents. Martial Simon has brought this to 2023 and with a real suave too. Check it out now.

Stream 'That's the Way It Is' here:

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