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Martron drops euphoric electro-pop single 'Sun Goes Down'

Martron is an electronic artist who is having a great 2023 so far. Combining luscious pop sonics mixed with a fun-filled electro dance beats, Martron creates music that is immediately accessible whilst also appealing to both genres aforementioned and everything in between. His new single 'Sun Goes Down' is exactly that, in what is a silky and smooth, catchy and infectious track that gets you moving.

Jumpy, layered synths fill the air in this one, with the flowing and pop-woven melodies, which really create a whole new atmosphere for the track. A low key build up, drops into a chilled and vocal cuts that hit that sweet spot. The second verse then switches up again, with a real future house aura being created in the unique percussion elements. The New Yorker has created a sound that is entirely his own, and we implore you to check it out right now if you enjoy electronic music.

Stream 'Sun Goes Down' now:

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