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Mary Knoblock shines on her captivating new single 'Heaven's Bride'

Over the last few years, Oregon's Mary Knoblock has cemented herself as one of the more prolific names doing the rounds. With a wealth of full-length releases under her belt almost every few months, she is now continuing to impress as she delivers her captivating new single 'Heaven's Bride'.

Fresh off the back of her recent LP 'Mustang Runners', her newest outing offers up some of the more ethereal textures within her catalogue so far. With her warm and airy voice playing perfectly with a wistful piano throughout, 'Heaven's Bride' quickly establishes itself as one of the more tender and heartfelt moments in her career yet.

While there has hardly been a moment where she has not tried to develop and cultivate new and exciting areas for her to explore, 'Heaven's Bride' really manages to make an impactful impression on her work to date. Using little more than her own mesmerising voice from start to finish, she is maintaining more of that fascinating appeal she has always looked to provoke.

Enjoy 'Heaven's Bride' below.



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