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Mattanja Joy Bradley Presents New Album 'Desire'

Dutch-based singer-songwriter Mattanja Joy Bradley doesn’t shy away from any challenge. She has a rich imagination and a love for adventure.

Returning with her brand-new seven-track album, Desire, is an Americana and dreamy melancholic offering.

Desire, is inspired by a year-long adventure through the states in a beat-up 40-year-old RV she transformed into a tiny house with an on-board music studio. During this time, she had no plans in place so she busked, camped, and met many legends in unexpected places. The album represents a memento of an unforgettable journey, full of adventure and self-discovery. Each song is a stop on the road, a snapshot of a moment, an emotion, an experience.

Once she returned to the Netherlands, she collaborated with different musicians and began the production process of Desire. The album was recorded in a recording studio in Deurne, NL, where she invited different artists for the task. She received funds from the counsel in Tilburg and SENA, an organization for music rights to record the album.

Mattanja Joy Bradley comments on the album, “After traveling the States for a year in an old campervan with an onboard music studio and no plan whatsoever, just let the day be the guide. I wrote an album translating this experience into a musical road trip. All the impressions, adventures, and feelings ignited and inspired this Americana album. Each song is a stop on the road, a snapshot of a moment, an emotion, an experience.”

The gifted artist keeps showcasing her extraordinary musical abilities on, Desire. Any seasoned music enthusiast will like the way Mattanja Joy Bradley keeps pushing boundaries and deftly enveloping listeners in a rush of rich, full tones.



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