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Melbourne-based indie artist Guard unveils new single "Luvbomb"

Indie-pop artist Guard just returned with a mesmerizing track titled "Luvbomb". Mainly known for his work as a meme lord with his Instagram pages, Guard never forgot his true passion for music and uses his voice to raise awareness around mental health. His new single is no exception as the artist explores the psychology behind relationship toxicity while delving into the concept of love bombing.

With this project I decided to go with my first instinct on every song. Every song was made in one go - no re writing, this is what I made in these circumstances & I am choosing to go with it despite the imposter syndrome that comes with being an artist.

Luvbomb is like my James Bond song - if I was to make one, this is what it would sound like ” - Guard

The music video allows us to get into Guard's mind for a unique journey:



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