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Melissa Rose to release irresistible indie-banger ‘BOMO’

Hailing from the South Coast, the indie-pop producer has crafter her own melting pot of music - featuring swirling melodies of shoegaze, pop and guitar music. Summertime vibes can be found in abundance in her offerings as she hopes to provide positive vibes to her audience.

Her latest offering ‘BOMO’ (Better On My Own) showcases her signature sound. A minimal but impactful drum beat provides the perfect canvas for the rest of the track. Vibrant guitars glisten in the mix, ebbing and flowing between each other and creating a swirl of melodies whilst vocals lie on top softly. Her vocals are heartwarming but soaked in colourful melodies that entices an audience in.

Speaking about the release she says: “I wrote BOMO (Better On My Own) as a dreamy pop track with a message of self love and empowerment and drew influences from indie pop and folk. I recorded and produced the track myself over a few months and have been perfecting my sound through this process.

Melissa Rose brings self love and empowerment to her music, inspiring her audience to think outside the box.



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