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Michelle Ward: A Master Class in Debuts

Up and Coming music artist, Michelle Ward, has achieved something special with the release of her debut single, ‘Dolly Daydreaming.’ It is sophisticated, whimsical, and catchy. It can be tricky to achieve all three of those things simultaneously, particularly with a debut single, but Michelle has managed to execute just that.

The track has many influences, including jazz and soul. The whole thing sounds like a throwback to a more soulful time in music, but it still maintains a fresh, unique quality all its own. Michelle’s voice is both mature and light. It has the silkiness of Sarah Vaughan and the firmness of Amy Winehouse. It is the perfect vocal instrument for the task of accompanying the slickly produced single. It is one of the many parts that make a compelling whole.

If this is the kind of splash that Michelle Ward has made with her very first single, then I eagerly anticipate the EP that she has coming out later this year. This is the exact right way to make a debut and I would not change a single thing about this track. Michelle’s EP is practically guaranteed to be stunning and worth the wait.

Stream the track right here.

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