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Midge Robie captivate the circles of alternative with 'Vampire Circus'

Midge Robie are a band of brothers who's identity is somewhat mysterious and unknowing, creating an escape from the norm that we know of today's music world. Sparking a debut release in only 2020 during the pandemic, and have since released a set fo soul-stirring singles that defy just one genre.

Their latest release is 'Vampire Circus', and the duo somehow create a space where you can really feel and imagine what a Vampire Circus would be like. Synths fill the track, with a waltz like line that covers all bases and Midge Kelly's vocal hyping up the energy of the song and bringing a hard hitting sense of realism all at the same time. It's cryptic, aggressive and leaves you wanting more after each listen. The difference in style and sonics between their songs is quite spectacular. Taking influences from the likes of Kings of Leon and Billie Holiday, the pair have quintessentially formed their own brand of alt-rock-pop and everything in between.

Speaking more on their music and the platform they want to provide for people listening, Midge Robie explain:

"I chased things in life that led me to a major surgery (gone wrong), which led to an overdose. People say be your yourself, but I have always hated myself; therefore, I am now creating the character I want to be. Like Billie Holiday and the people I look up to- I like artists that inspire me to create my own world. Now I want to do that for other people."


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