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  • Rose Shannonn

Miss Cactus unveils brand new feel-good track ‘TIEMPO’

Miss Cactus returns brand new track entitled, 'Tiempo'. Produced by Gratitude Sound Music, Tiempo is an upbeat dance track mixed with several mesmerising melodies.

Culture is Miss Cactus’s brand; she embraces her culture gracefully in her music; her debut solo EP ‘LuvMirage' encompasses self-love and the divine feminine. The positive energy she radiates in her tracks - overflows into one another.

Miss Cactus is a Mexican-American songstress who has been making waves on both coasts with her brown girl magic advocation and island flavor. Now in Hawaii, she is releasing her debut solo EP 'LuvMirage'- a genre-defying work that encompasses self-love and the divine feminine.

When speaking about “Tiempo”, she states, “The dancer and musician celebrates life in this club appropriate banger, having asserted us that catering to your spiritual health first and foremost through any type of love encounter is a must.

Listen to the full track below:



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