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Mokita & Slenderbodies release fresh indie pop track 'speeding up'

The blissful Mokita has collaborated once again with indie electronic duo Slenderbodies, and the result is simply mesmerising. Mokita has established himself as one of the most recognised voices in the singer-songwriter game, with a vocal that is instantaneous to the ear with that unique, soft feeling he effortlessly brings to the fore. Slenderbodies have also been making waves, creating an R&B dreamscape of a sound, with a sprinkling of swooning guitars and falsetto vocals that travels beyond the norm.

Thankfully, this supremely talented pairing have come together to release new single 'speeding up', and it simply a fix to your everyday. the blending of electronic synths and strings alongside Mokita's all encompassing style makes for a perfect, upbeat yet chilled sound. The combined audience of these two artists has already made this song a hit for their dedicated listenership, and we sincerely hope that this is not the last time they write with one another.

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