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Monroe Moon keep the grooves moving on their latest single 'Navigator'

Ever since they first broke through with their stunning debut EP 'When The Seagulls Follow The Trawler' back in 2018, emerging outfit Monroe Moon have been on an incredible rise. Turning out a wealth of bright and shimmering releases as often as possible, they are back on the grind once again to deliver their groove-laden new single 'Navigator'.

Marking their first piece of new material so far in 2023, this new outing revives their passionate alt-rock aesthetic and delivers another heady dose of that vibrant guitar-driven atmosphere they are known for. Capturing this wonderfully broad and immersive allure throughout their newest effort, 'Navigator' sees them return in stellar form from start to finish.

While they have certainly looked to develop a fresh and diverse array of releases in recent years, 'Navigator' sees them explore even more varied textures with its uncompromising approach. Brimming with bright and emotive tones at every turn, Monroe Moon are definitely a name we need to become more familiar with in the months to come.

Enjoy 'Navigator' below.



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