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Neeley Returns with Latest Single "take a number" 8/4

Credit: Logan Campos

Pop/Folk singer-songwriter Neeley has returned with her latest single, “take a number,” set for release on August 4th. The track is an ode to growing up, sharing Neeley’s deep-rooted realizations as she sits in the comfort of her own company. Empowerment comes sonically with Neeley’s soulful vocals, backed by her blunt lyricism. Groovy acoustic in the verses build to a more contemporary chorus with harmonies, synths, saxophone, vocoders, and pads. Comparisons can be made to the likes of Maggie Rogers, Finneas, and Lizzy McAlpine.

Based in Yorba Linda, California, Neeley has already cemented herself as one of the freshest talents in songwriting at only twenty-one years old. With hundreds of songs under her belt, she leads her publishing company (“Real Me Publishing”), and has worked with major brands such as Amazon Prime, Rooms to Go, and Ciroc. She has worked alongside notable talents Ava Kolker, Sadie Rose Van and Laci Mercede, as well as producers Jamie O’Neal (Universal Music Group), Joren (3x Emmy winner), and Chilly (Billboard Top 5). She has now decided to transition into her own work after time spent working behind the scenes at Truly Music, Whoosh Music, OC Hit, and The Resort, sharing intimate stories set to radio-ready melodies.

“take a number” promotes self-discovery and affirmation. It was written as a poem while sitting in her backyard journaling, built up from the initial lyrics on her upright steinway piano. “Before this benchmark, it was questionable whether I was ready to be alone, in no kind of entanglement, and be happy,” she shares. “To me, this song represents finding peace with who I am when no one else is around.” The track was produced by her friend Mike Matta at The Resort, and vocals were recorded in her home studio to add an even more personal touch.

Past success for Neeley includes her debut single “27” and its Super 8mm music video. The visualizer was shared on Kodak film’s official film page, finding her beside the likes of Becky G and Peso Plumo’s “Chanel” and HBO Max’s “Winning Time.” With a knack for storytelling and a commitment to expert production, “take a number” promises to be another fan favorite.

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