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Neil March soothes us into 2021 with EP ‘Alternative To Despair’

Neil March might just be the most exciting addition to the alternative music pool in quite a while. Curating beautiful soundscapes with samples from the world around him, Neil is setting out to school us on the beauty of the everyday. His latest EP ‘Alternatives To Despair’ is an immensely impressive edition to his versatile portfolio and goes to show that there are sonic goldmines in the unexpected. Having already been picked up by BBC Introducing, performed at Latitude Festival and had Tom Robinson from BBC Radio 6 himself exalt the importance of Neil’s creations, it’s evident that the space Neil has carved for himself in the popular music landscape is not going unnoticed. Rightly so. This latest creation comes off the back of Neil’s previous EP ‘Sounds Converge’ - an expertly crafted curation of songs that showcases that intricate attention to detail that inaugurates Neil as such an exciting composer rising the ranks of late.

‘Alternatives To Despair’ is the recent edition of Neil’s sonic universe. Each of the four tracks is swimming in an immersive, stunning soundscape. The EP takes you through four parts, as these compositions unravel a story as you are consumed by the sonic artistry. In parts one and two, we hear Neil’s vocals for the first time in his musical ventures. These are magically manipulated to reflect the aura of a Welsh Valley’s Male Choir. Whatever tricks Neil has used to create this effect, we’re just grateful he did. Each of the four parts mirrors a phase of Neil’s own life, yet there’s still something deeply universal in sonic landscape Neil curates. An unwavering nostalgia is rooted in the core of these compositions; being both hypnotic and comforting, Neil has masterfully made a soundtrack suited to all that listen - and it’s stunning.


Listen to ‘Alternatives To Despair’ on SPOTIFY HERE

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