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NEO 10Y releases cinematic new single ‘ONENESS (WHO WE ARE)’

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

NEO 10Y is an artist who stays on the verge of new technology, embracing spiritual education to create impactful and powerful music. He is endlessly creative in his vision, creating immersive live experiences, artistic aesthetics and music that pushes genre boundaries.

His latest track, the empowering ‘ONENESS (WHO WE ARE)’ is maximalist in its production. This creates a soundscape that is filled with new elements to pick up on each listen. It blends electronic feel with orchestral instrumentation and an endlessly dynamic vocal performance. NEO’s unapologetic lyricism is inspirational.

Speaking on the 7/7/7 release of ONENESS (WHO WE ARE), the visionary artist shares, “It's my 7th year as NEO 10Y this Summer, I wanted to release a song that encompasses my message of love and self-realisation so that we can help manifest a protopian dimension of peace together. ONENESS (WHO WE ARE) is a genre expansive trip designed to take us on a trip inward so that we have the chance to choose love and connect with the most authentic versions of ourselves. My name also translates as ONENESS - my artist moniker, NEO 10Y, and my Sanskrit ancestral name Nikhil, both mean complete.”

A pioneer of sound that receives widespread acclaim from all aspects of the industry, NEO 10Y is not an artist to be ignored, with his creativity going well beyond his music and purposeful presence giving him unparalleled determination.



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