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Neve Bowen mesmerises on her stunning debut EP 'Lifeline'

When she emerged with her stunning breakthrough debut single 'Song For Anna' earlier this year, London's Neve Bowen was greeted as one of the more heartfelt artists emerging so far this year. And with her emotive approach extending across a string of vibrant releases since, she is now looking to bring all of that wondrous energy together on her eagerly-awaited debut EP 'Lifeline'.

Featuring her initial outing and the previously shared tracks 'Haunting Sound Of Love' and 'Deep Blue Ocean', alongside the collection's sweeping title-track and its acoustic version, this new five-track offering marks a beautifully endearing moment in her career to date. Bringing all of those raw and vibrant aesthetic under one roof not only elevates her immersive nature throughout, but continues to cement her presence as a true visionary on the rise right now.

While she likes to refer to herself as a "sad girl" indie artist, there is far more going on between the lines throughout 'Lifeline' to sum it up in such a simple phrase. Brimming with this bright and innovative pursuit at every turn, she sweeps and swoons her way through, making for a brilliantly compelling listen from beginning to end.

Enjoy 'Lifeline' below.



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